Sunday, November 25, 2012

After five good years of service, my venerable 2003 Honda Civic LX is up for sale. I guess having a kid will do that to you. It's minivan time, people! This post is mostly just to show the car. Anyone interested in buying it can email me at

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Maternity photos! No, no, not Lena. Still a little while before we start thinking about having children. All this talk of global financial collapse, "zombie banks" and the such has scared us away from the idea for the time being. There are other people out there; however, who got pregnant before things really got super bad, and there appears to be a market for photos of these people. Or at least, they've been burning up our phone since we did our first one back last Fall.

Since this is a new market for us, each time we do a shoot we try out a new concept. In the photos below, we brought some cloth we found on sale at Hancock fabric store. One thing I really like about shoots like this one is how creative we can be. Just like in fashion shoots, you can really break the lighting 'rules' in pregnancy shoots and get away with it (as long as the photos look good, of course). So these shoots are rich learning experiences for us as well as a chance to break out of the box and stretch our creative muscles. Enjoy!


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I'll take a break from blogging about Venezuela (not that I'm doing a lot of THAT because I'm slammed) to post a couple of photos from yesterday when it snowed about 4 inches on Atlanta. It melted, and the sad children of Atlanta had to go to school Monday. But for us adults, it was a pleasant reminder of nature's existence in our lives. Lena and I saw this beautiful male cardinal picking berries from the tree in front of our window. Harder to see (and thus photograph) was his well-camouflaged female on a branch a few feet away. The other photo is just a slice of life photo that somehow worked. If you look closely, you can see a cross-hatch pattern made by our window screen.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hello All! Nope, I didn't forget cha. Just working 'round da clock, you know. But lest you be unentertained, I come bearing gifts: Photos from our wedding in Venezuela. You know, it's funny. Lena and I spend our lives covering the lavish, beautiful events of our clients and now we have been the bride and groom a lavish event of our own, at the very epicenter of a wild balls-out party of mythic size and scope. Not that I'm going to set up an advice column or anything, but it's probably good experience for a wedding photographer to have! I have a lot to say about the wedding, but as I'll tell anyone who asks, the photos always come first.

Am I taking a risk publishing these images? Maybe. On the other hand, all you people who are thinking of hiring us, isn't it nice to know we are people, too? People who know how to party? People who enjoy a celebration and understand the reason behind every crazy moment? We're in love, too, Lena and I, and there is nothing in this world as wonderful to photograph as two people in love. A wedding day is a story, a story about two people, their families, friends and how much their relationship.

Here is a snapshot of ours. Peace. --Notes